Additional Practice Days!

The board has heard a lot of requests to get more time in the gym…so we’re adding Friday and Sunday practices! We’re really excited to announce their expansion of our practice schedule, and we hope you will take advantage of these additional practice times. We want to stress that Monday and Wednesday in Levy are still our core practices (and regular attendance is expected of competitive members), and Friday and Sunday are non-mandatory, supplemental practice days.

1. Friday Practice – Levy Tennis Pavilion – 7:30 – 9:30 PM 

PennRec and varsity gymanstics are allowing us to practice in our normal practice space (Levy) at our normal practice time (7:30-9:30 PM) on Fridays! Same time, same place, additional day. Please remember: no practicing without a board member in the gym and no warming up before others have arrived!

Friday practices will commence this Friday 3/15 at 7:30 pm. We will have the gym at this time until Nationals/Fling.

2. Sunday Practice – UMDGC – 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


We’re also adding another practice off-campus. Upper Merion Dance and Gymnastic Center is a gymnastics facility about 20 miles from campus in King of Prussia. You can see their website here. The gym has FULL MEN’S AND WOMEN’S EQUIPMENT, A FOAM PIT, TRAMPOLINES, TUMBLTRAK, and all sorts of mats and training equipment we don’t have!

As a team, we will attend the 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM open gym on Sunday. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills, practice on the men’s events, and just have fun! We’ve worked out a deal with the gym so that PCG members will pay $3 per person for each workout.

You can sign up for car each week in this spreadsheet. Drivers will write in their names, how many people they can take, and where the cars are meeting to drive out. People who want to go will fill in their names below. No erasing other peoples’ names if they signed up first. You should check back throughout the week to see if more people have volunteered to drive. The full link to the spreadsheet is: Cars will meet at 11am on Sunday at a spot designated by the driver in the spreadsheet.

And you can start signing up now! We know Sunday is St. Patty’s Day, but our first practice at UMDGC will be this Sunday, 3/17! You should be back on campus by 2 PM. We will have practice there through the end of the school year.

Here are some pictures of UMDGC:

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