PCG Spring Apparel – Fling tanks, hoodies, and more!

We’re excited to present our spring apparel package. We’ve pulled together a bunch of awesome PCG swag for Fling, Nationals, and just generally looking awesome. Check out the items below and order here.

Friends, fans, family, and current members are all welcome to order! Ordering closes Friday 3/15 at 10pm (Fling and Nationals are just a month away)!! 

Full package here: PCG Spring 2013 Apparel Package

Unisex Fling Tank: $20
Unisex Fling Tank: $20
Zip Up Hoodie - $40
Zip Up Hoodie – $40
Official Red Cups Shirt - $20
Official Red Cups Shirt – $20
Gray V-neck - $20
Gray V-neck – $20
Jacket - $75
Jacket – $75

Order here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/114cHBHP1yNPcs2y6aRaw_qHschl-tf5eYkim-jpFytg/viewform. Please send any questions or concerns to Lily.

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