Board 2017-2018
Olivia Fox – President
Sam Trossman – Vice President
Indeara Cogdell – Treasurer
Juan Botero – Meet coordinator
Tyler Dullinger – Social Chair
Jason Knies – Men’s Captain
Olivia Fox – Women’s Captain

Olivia Fox is a senior from Connecticut. Originally a competitive gymnast, Olivia now coaches a standalone gymnastics team. Olivia’s favorite events are beam and floor. Fun fact: Olivia’s favorite food is gummy bears. Olivia can be reached at

Indeara Cogdell is a junior from Georgia studying biological basis of behavior. Indy is new to gymnastics but with practice and dedication she has progressed immensely.  Fun fact: Indy gets teddy bears for every holiday, for this reason she now has enough to fill a pit. She can be contacted at

Tyler Dullinger is a sophomore from Connecticut studying finance and marketing. He started doing gymnastics last year and has fallen in love with both the sport and the team. With unmatchable enthusiasm, Tyler landed a standing back tuck on his first day of gymnastics. Now he fearlessly attempts new skills, giving his routines an extra zing. Tyler can be reached at

Jason Knies is a sophomore from Connecticut, studying linguistics and psychology. It is rumored that his first cartwheel was an act of rebellion against his parent’s attempts to teach him how to walk. He competed for six years before coming to Penn and has loved being part of PCG. Fun fact: Jason has visited 16 countries and 23 states. Jason can be reached at

Sam Trossman (also known as “sassy sam”) is a junior from Maryland studying electrical engineering. With a background in competitive jump rope, Sam brings a unique “spin” to gymnastics, often trying non-traditional gymnastics skills. Sam can be reached at

Juan Botero is a sophomore from Colombia studying Biology. He did gymnastics throughout middle school and has loved getting back into it. With a particularly refined taste in cool usernames and e-mails, Juan has managed to create an awesome e-mail address using his incredibly common hispanic name. Juan can be reached at (what a cool e-mail!).





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