Board 2016-2017
Olivia Fox – President
Sam Trossman – Vice President
Jaron Ma – Treasurer
Sarah Golden/Bonnie Gould – Meet coordinators
Sam Summer – Social Chair
Nickhil Nabar – Men’s Captain
Olivia Fox – Women’s Captain

Olivia Fox is a junior from Connecticut. Originally a competitive gymnast, Olivia now coaches a YMCA gymnastics team. Olivia’s favorite events are beam and floor. Fun fact: Olivia’s favorite food is gummy bears. Olivia can be reached at

Jaron Ma is a senior from Missouri studying environmental science and engineering. Jaron is new to gymnastics but never fails to impress with his jaw-dropping flexibility and racy dance moves.  Fun fact: Jaron knows the difference between flambé and sauté. Jaron can be reached at

Sam Summer, better known as “Social Sam”, is a senior from Kutztown Pennsylvania studying architecture. Coming from a humble background in parkour and exotic dance, Sam is new to the gymnastics scene. As a floor specialist, Sam brings a creative, edgy style to the table. Sam can be reached at

Nickhil Nabar a.k.a. “Tricky Nick,”  is a senior from Andover, MA, studying computer science and finance. An experienced gymnast, Nick competed throughout middle school and is polishing his skills with PCG. According to legend, Nick once landed a double Arabian with two broken ankles! Nick can be reached at

Sam Trossman is a sophomore from Maryland studying electrical engineering. With a background in competitive jump rope, Sam brings a unique “spin” to gymnastics, often trying non-traditional gymnastics skills. Sam can be reached at

Sarah Golden is a sophomore from Long Island, New York studying Chemical Engineering. She was a competitive gymnast throughout most of high school and has loved getting back into gymnastics with the awesome group of people that is PCG. Sarah can be reached at

Bonnie Gould is a sophomore from Connecticut studying economics. After competing in gymnastics for 9 years, she has been grateful to PCG for allowing her to continue the sport she has always loved. Fun fact: Bonnie’s least favorite event is the balance beam. Bonnie can be reached at




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