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Spring 2013 Fail Compilation

It’s time for one of our favorite semesterly traditions….FAIL VIDEO. Usually, we are successful, graceful, and good at gymnastics. Other times… not so much! Check out the hilarious Spring 2013 compilation of us failing / falling doing gymnastics.   And in case you’re itching for more fail, here’s our Fall 2012 fail video.

Cornell Highlights Video

Check out our highlights video from our meet at Cornell in February. Previous posts on our Cornell meet: results, highlights and pictures, men’s gifs, and women’s gifs.

JMU Meet Routine Videos

Bryan Manning and James Sui rocked it at our meet this weekend at JMU. In addition to featuring them in our highlights video, we’ve post all their routines (well, all we managed to video tape) on Youtube. Check out their scores from the meet here.  

JMU Meet Highlight Video

We’ve done meet GIFs (here and here), pictures, and results… so it’s time for our HIGHLIGHT VIDEO. Check out all the awesome work PCG did last weekend at James Madison University.