First Practice!

Hey Team! After much anticipation, we are finally ready to begin practice! The first practice will be Wednesday October 30th, 2013 from 7:30-9:30pm in Hutchinson Gymnasium on the second floor. Afterwards, practices will be held at this location every Monday and Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm. If there is ever a cancellation (which typically occurs due to breakContinue reading “First Practice!”

Apply to Join the PCG Board!

We’re really excited to bring on new board members this spring! This post is going to explain what positions are open, what they entail, and how the application / election process will work. Although applications aren’t due until January 21, we encourage you to work on your application before the stress of the semester setsContinue reading “Apply to Join the PCG Board!”

No Practice on Monday, October 22

Happy fall break! I wanted to remind you all that there will be no practice this Monday, October 22 due to fall break. If you are on campus or a graduate student do NOT go to the gym. Also, all the apparel is now here, so come to practice on Wednesday to pick it up.Continue reading “No Practice on Monday, October 22”

Register for NAIGC Online

Everyone who is planning on competing this year with PCG must go to (our league) and register. This allows your to participate in NAIGC competitions (like our upcoming meet at VT)! Here are the steps: Go to Click My NAIGC in the lefthand column Click NAIGC membership under My NAIGC Fill out NewContinue reading “Register for NAIGC Online”

Paying for Apparel

The orders for apparel are in! We need you to pay for the apparel you ordered. Please bring money to practice ASAP. James will be at practice today collecting money – as always, it is cash, credit, or check.   Here’s the cost structure so you know how much to bring: Official t-shirt – $15Continue reading “Paying for Apparel”

PCG Reminders – BYO, Dues, Roster, Leos, T-shirts, Office Hours, Competition Schedule, Holidays

I know we have sent out a TON of administrative stuff lately, so I just want to compile it all in one place and make sure you guys have all the information! Action items are in RED if you are just skimming. Team Dinner – Charles Plaza on Friday at 8pm We are having ourContinue reading “PCG Reminders – BYO, Dues, Roster, Leos, T-shirts, Office Hours, Competition Schedule, Holidays”

PCG T-Shirts and Competition Leos for Fall 2012

T-Shirt and Leo Apparel Package So we’ve got our Fall T-Shirt and Leotard Apparel Package together! Check it out HERE. It includes pictures of the apparel and prices. If you plan on competing, you must order a t-shirt and a leotard. If you don’t plan on competing, you don’t have to, but we strongly recommend you orderContinue reading “PCG T-Shirts and Competition Leos for Fall 2012”

First Team Dinner – Friday 9/28 at 8:00 PM

We’re doing our first team dinner this coming Friday night – September 28 at 8:00 PM! We’re going to have it at Charles Plaza–only the best for PCG, obviously. Anyway, if you can come this Friday (the 28th), fill out this googledoc. The BYO will be at 8:00 and we’ll meet at 40th and SpruceContinue reading “First Team Dinner – Friday 9/28 at 8:00 PM”

Reminder: Experienced/Competitive Practice TONIGHT

Just a reminder: we will have practice tonight in Levy Tennis Pavilion at 7:30 PM. This practice is only for advanced gymnasts and beginners who are seriously interested in competing. If you have any questions about whether you are experienced or beginner or which practices to come to, please email me at For directionsContinue reading “Reminder: Experienced/Competitive Practice TONIGHT”