Changes in Spring Travel Schedule – Cornell on 2/23 and Penn State on 3/16

As  mentioned tonight at practice, our spring travel schedule HAS CHANGED. Penn State has postponed their meet, which was planned for February 23, until March 16. We will attend this meet on March 16. We’ll send out details as soon as we have them . We will ALSO attend at meet at Cornell on FebruaryContinue reading “Changes in Spring Travel Schedule – Cornell on 2/23 and Penn State on 3/16”

Sign-up for Spring Travel Meets – JMU and Penn State

The team has spoken….and we’re going to JMU (2/16) and Penn State (2/23)!! We want you to sign up for these competitions ASAP so we can start booking hotel rooms and cars. JMU (2/15-2/16) sign-up will close on JANUARY 27 at midnight  Penn State (2/22-2/24) sign-up will close on FEBRUARY 3 at midnight:    HereContinue reading “Sign-up for Spring Travel Meets – JMU and Penn State”

Vote on PCG’s Spring Meet Travel Schedule

Remember how fun our meets at Maryland and Boston University were last semester?! We need you to vote on our travel meets for this semester! There are three meets that the board is considering – UNC-Chapel Hill on February 9, JMU on February 15, and Penn State on February 23 – but we can onlyContinue reading “Vote on PCG’s Spring Meet Travel Schedule”

Should PCG go to 2013 NAIGC Nationals?

Nationals are on the same weekend as Spring Fling this year, so we need to decide whether we are going to send a team. Please fill out this form to let us know if you are interested in coming to Nationals even though it is the same weekend as Fling. Please fill it out even ifContinue reading “Should PCG go to 2013 NAIGC Nationals?”

Boston Meet Scores

Here are the results for PCG from our meet in Boston last weekend! We aren’t sure that these scores are EXACTLY right because we there were a couple errors in the scores spreadsheet for the whole meet, but we cleaned it up and think it’s all good! We already did highlights in our last post,Continue reading “Boston Meet Scores”

Boston Meet Highlights and Pictures

PCG had a great time in Boston this weekend!! We have already posted some pictures in a Facebook album and a highlights video. There is a gallery of other photos below! We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Bryan’s grandfather, Dennis Courant, and Rachel Bleustein for these gorgeous pictures. Scores are posted here. Competition highlights:Continue reading “Boston Meet Highlights and Pictures”

Final Reminders for BU

I hope everyone is pumped for Boston TONIGHT. Be at Lily’s house 7:30 pm this evening. Make sure you eat dinner before we leave. We are not providing dinner or stopping for dinner on the way. What to bring: leo/manitard money grips/wristbands bathing suit (hotel has a pool!) snacks water bottle camera phone charger team shirtContinue reading “Final Reminders for BU”

Sheet Decorating Tonight – Rodin 7th Floor Lounge at 7pm

The BU Gymnastics team has asked every team to bring a white sheet decorated to represent their team members and school spirit. There is likely going to be a competition involved, so we want to have to most awesome sheet. We will be having a sheet decorating party in the Rodin 7th floor lounge atContinue reading “Sheet Decorating Tonight – Rodin 7th Floor Lounge at 7pm”

Boston Meet Details

I hope you’re all getting excited about our Boston meet NEXT WEEKEND. Our itinerary is below. Please email Lily if you have any questions!   Overview Dates – November 30 – December 2 Hotel – Best Western New Englander – Boston/North Meet – 2 PM – Saturday, December 1 at Gymnastics and More in WoburnContinue reading “Boston Meet Details”

Signup for Boston University Meet Closes Tonight!

Happy break! Signup for Boston closes TONIGHT. If you have not signed up yet and you want to come, DO IT NOW. You can sign up here.   Meet info: Date and Time: Meet is at 2:00 PM on Saturday, December 1. PCG will travel to Boston late on Friday (11/30) and return on SaturdayContinue reading “Signup for Boston University Meet Closes Tonight!”