If you are planning to attend our meets at Cornell and Penn State this semester, PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST AND FILL OUT THE FORM. ————————————————————————————————————- Penn State has had A LOT of trouble scheduling their meet, and they just officially UNpostponed their meet (from March 16 to February 24). As you know, we registeredContinue reading “IMPORTANT CHANGES IN MEET SCHEDULE – PLEASE VOTE FOR PENN STATE OR CORNELL”

Vote on PCG’s Spring Meet Travel Schedule

Remember how fun our meets at Maryland and Boston University were last semester?! We need you to vote on our travel meets for this semester! There are three meets that the board is considering – UNC-Chapel Hill on February 9, JMU on February 15, and Penn State on February 23 – but we can onlyContinue reading “Vote on PCG’s Spring Meet Travel Schedule”

Apply to Join the PCG Board!

We’re really excited to bring on new board members this spring! This post is going to explain what positions are open, what they entail, and how the application / election process will work. Although applications aren’t due until January 21, we encourage you to work on your application before the stress of the semester setsContinue reading “Apply to Join the PCG Board!”

Should PCG go to 2013 NAIGC Nationals?

Nationals are on the same weekend as Spring Fling this year, so we need to decide whether we are going to send a team. Please fill out this form to let us know if you are interested in coming to Nationals even though it is the same weekend as Fling. Please fill it out even ifContinue reading “Should PCG go to 2013 NAIGC Nationals?”

Final Team Dinner of the Semester (and Superlatives)!

Team Dinner We will be having our final team dinner of the semester at Salento on Sunday at 7:30 PM. Everyone should come!! Please fill out this form by Friday night at midnight to let us know if you plan on coming!! The full form link is:   Fall Semester Superlatives We’ll also be doing fallContinue reading “Final Team Dinner of the Semester (and Superlatives)!”

Signup for Boston University Meet Closes Tonight!

Happy break! Signup for Boston closes TONIGHT. If you have not signed up yet and you want to come, DO IT NOW. You can sign up here.   Meet info: Date and Time: Meet is at 2:00 PM on Saturday, December 1. PCG will travel to Boston late on Friday (11/30) and return on SaturdayContinue reading “Signup for Boston University Meet Closes Tonight!”

Order Your PCG Warm-Up Jacket!

As many of you know, we are ordering warm-up jackets from Boathouse sports. They are exactly the same as those ordered a couple years ago – track jacket/windbreaker style with the Penn athletics crest and club gymnastics embroidered. The jackets are really nice, so you can definitely wear them around campus and rep PCG. TheContinue reading “Order Your PCG Warm-Up Jacket!”

Sign Up for Boston University Meet 12/1 – 12/2

We’re really excited to announce our next competition: the Doggie Style Invitational at Boston University on December 1-2. This will be a meet with all events for men and women! It will also be a travel meet, meaning that we’ll be getting hotel rooms and spending the night in the Boston area. We will leave SaturdayContinue reading “Sign Up for Boston University Meet 12/1 – 12/2”

Register for UMD by Friday at Midnight

We will be closing the signup form for the Maryland meet this Friday at midnight. Please sign up for UMD BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY. Here is the link. DO IT. If there is some reason you are on the fence about coming (or not sure if you can make it), please email today.

Reminders: Practice Tonight (10/31), Team Dinner Saturday (11/3), Tour of Champions Last Call (11/9), and MD Meet (11/17)

Because we have sent out so many emails/blog posts in the last couple of days, here is a quick digest:   Practice Tonight is ON Practice tonight will be on from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. This is an experience and competitive practice.   We will have all the apparel – both shirts, men’s uniformsContinue reading “Reminders: Practice Tonight (10/31), Team Dinner Saturday (11/3), Tour of Champions Last Call (11/9), and MD Meet (11/17)”