Practice will be held 2-3 times weekly at Hutchinson gymnasium. Team members are not permitted, under ANY condition to enter the gymnasium outside of practice hours. Members are also prohibited from beginning to use apparatus (even the floor) until a board member arrives at the facility. Beginners and competitive members will practice as one team. Please view the practice schedule tab for more details.


Those who wish to compete must attend a minimum of four practices per month. There will be at least two practices per week (totaling 8-10 practices per month), so gymnasts should aim to attend one practice per week at the very least.

Gymnasts who wish to compete at NAIGC Nationals in the spring must compete in one competition in the fall and one competition in the spring. Exceptions can be made for injury, study abroad, but the gymnast still must compete in two competitions before NAIGC Nationals, even in they are in the same semester.

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