How do I join the club gymnastics team?

To join PCG, fill out the form on our contact page or shoot us an email at pennclubgymnastics@gmail.com. Even if it is the middle of the semester, you can start coming to practices and competing!

Do I need gymnastics experience to be on Penn Club Gymnastics?

No! It is great to have competitive, experienced gymnasts on the team, but anyone can join. The only requirement for joining the team is interest in learning or practicing gymnastics!

How much gymnastics experience is normal or average on the team?

It’s hard to say! We have members who have been doing competitive gymnastics since 1st grade and brand new beginners. There are grad students who competed varsity in college and freshmen who can’t do a cartwheel. In other words, there is a huge range!

But can I compete if I am a complete beginner?

Yes! We have had many beginners compete with us in past years! Beginners can come to NAIGC Nationals and compete there, as well. If you are a beginner who wishes to compete, you can come to all practices. We don’t have a coach, but everyone will help you out!

Do you have a coach?

No, we do not have a coach. What we do have is a lot of very experienced teammates, many of whom coach at their clubs at home. If you ever need a spot or some advice, someone will be there to help you! We also have a men’s and women’s captain, who lead the practices. If you are interested in volunteer coaching for PCG please contact us at pennclubgymnastics@gmail.com

Can I use your space to improve my parkour / martial arts / cheerleading stunts?

No. Our space is solely for practicing gymnastics. It is a huge liability and safety concern for the club. Our team is all about a shared love of gymnastics.

I live in Philadelphia but don’t go to Penn. Can I join?

No. The team is only for members of the University of Pennsylvania community.

I’m a grad student. Can I practice and compete with PCG?

Yes! We’d be thrilled to have you! The dues are slightly higher for graduate students because the university’s undergraduate program provides our budget.

How much does it cost to join the club?

For undergraduates, dues are $70 per semester; for graduates, dues are $100 per semester. We accept cash, check, and Venmo.

Dues are higher for graduate students because the club is funded by the undergraduate program.

This money will be used to cover equipment cost, gym maintenance fees, travel and accommodation for meets, and subsidies for apparel and uniforms. For travel meets, members still may have to pay a nominal fee.

Do you compete? In what league?

Yes! We compete in the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC).

How many meets do you have?

We try to have 2-3 meets per semester. We always host a meet in the fall (Flipadelphia) and always try to attend NAIGC Nationals in the spring. Our other meets are travel competitions at other colleges on the East Coast. For example, we usually attend competitions at the University of Maryland, JMU, and Cornell, but our competition schedule varies year to year.

How are the meets judged?

The women’s team is judged with USAG Level 9 standards. The men’s team is judged with USAG Level 9 standards as well.

What do I have to do to compete?

In order to compete, you must attend four practices every calendar month.

Do I have to compete all-around?

While we encourage everyone to try to compete all-around, it is definitely not necessary. If you don’t like competing on certain events or only like competing on certain events…that’s okay! You can pick and choose which events you compete on. We do, however, mandate that members compete at least two events at travel meets.

What do I have to do to compete at Nationals?

In order to compete at Nationals, we ask that you compete in one fall meet and one spring meet (other than Nationals). If you are abroad or injured, it is okay to compete in two meets in one semester then go to Nationals.

I’m abroad and can’t compete this fall. Can I still come to Nationals?

Yes! You will still need to compete in two meets in the spring before Nationals. We’ll be sure to make that possible.

Who pays for PCG travel to meets and Nationals?

We can mostly use our club budget to support these trips. Weekends trips generally cost team members $20-$40, with the team budget covering hotels, cars, gas, and more. Our funding for Nationals usually covers air travel, hotels, and some food.

What kinds of events do you have beyond practice?

We love each other, so we like to have events outside of the gym. Our favorite type of event is team dinner. We also like to go to a trampoline facility nearby, host mixers with other gymnastics teams from different schools or other Penn club teams, and much more!

Where do you practice?

We practice in Hutchinson Gymnasium (between Franklin Field and the Palestra). Check the practices page for more information!

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