Spring Practices Resume on Monday, January 14

Welcome back to Penn! Practices will resume on Monday, January 14 at 7:30 PM in Levy. That means there will be no practice tomorrow (first day of classes), so please please please don’t go to Levy. I know a lot of you are busy with rush, so just come if you can. We will get startedContinue reading “Spring Practices Resume on Monday, January 14”

Apply to Join the PCG Board!

We’re really excited to bring on new board members this spring! This post is going to explain what positions are open, what they entail, and how the application / election process will work. Although applications aren’t due until January 21, we encourage you to work on your application before the stress of the semester setsContinue reading “Apply to Join the PCG Board!”

Should PCG go to 2013 NAIGC Nationals?

Nationals are on the same weekend as Spring Fling this year, so we need to decide whether we are going to send a team. Please fill out this form to let us know if you are interested in coming to Nationals even though it is the same weekend as Fling. Please fill it out even ifContinue reading “Should PCG go to 2013 NAIGC Nationals?”

Fall 2012 Superlative Winners

Thank you to everyone who voted for our fall 2012 superlatives! In case you missed the team dinner at Salento last night, here are the results! Shoutout to the board for winning the most important award – best (potential) couple! We can’t wait for PCG babies! Best Potential Gymnastics Couple – Stephanie Golob and James SuiContinue reading “Fall 2012 Superlative Winners”

Final Team Dinner of the Semester (and Superlatives)!

Team Dinner We will be having our final team dinner of the semester at Salento on Sunday at 7:30 PM. Everyone should come!! Please fill out this form by Friday night at midnight to let us know if you plan on coming!! The full form link is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFo4b1h2T3pFSndBT1FDYnZiaFl6OXc6MQ#gid=0   Fall Semester Superlatives We’ll also be doing fallContinue reading “Final Team Dinner of the Semester (and Superlatives)!”

Boston Meet Scores

Here are the results for PCG from our meet in Boston last weekend! We aren’t sure that these scores are EXACTLY right because we there were a couple errors in the scores spreadsheet for the whole meet, but we cleaned it up and think it’s all good! We already did highlights in our last post,Continue reading “Boston Meet Scores”

Boston Meet Highlights and Pictures

PCG had a great time in Boston this weekend!! We have already posted some pictures in a Facebook album and a highlights video. There is a gallery of other photos below! We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Bryan’s grandfather, Dennis Courant, and Rachel Bleustein for these gorgeous pictures. Scores are posted here. Competition highlights:Continue reading “Boston Meet Highlights and Pictures”

Final Reminders for BU

I hope everyone is pumped for Boston TONIGHT. Be at Lily’s house 7:30 pm this evening. Make sure you eat dinner before we leave. We are not providing dinner or stopping for dinner on the way. What to bring: leo/manitard money grips/wristbands bathing suit (hotel has a pool!) snacks water bottle camera phone charger team shirtContinue reading “Final Reminders for BU”

Sheet Decorating Tonight – Rodin 7th Floor Lounge at 7pm

The BU Gymnastics team has asked every team to bring a white sheet decorated to represent their team members and school spirit. There is likely going to be a competition involved, so we want to have to most awesome sheet. We will be having a sheet decorating party in the Rodin 7th floor lounge atContinue reading “Sheet Decorating Tonight – Rodin 7th Floor Lounge at 7pm”