JMU Meet Pictures & Highlights

Highlights from our meet at JMU:

  • Bryan Manning placed second on floor, third on pommel horse, third on rings, first on vault, fourth on parallel bars, second on high bar, and finished second all-around. 
  • Jill Schueckler competed on vault for the first time since nationals last year!

  • Adam Muncan was taught a new skill (drop cast on p-bars) by the judge during warm-ups. He then proceeded to compete that skill.
  • Katie Ward, Stefanie Hays, and Natan Lailari competed with PCG for the first time!

  • James Sui placed fifth on floor, sixth on vault, and finished sixth all-around.
  • Lily Gomperts competed giants on bars for the first time since high school. Way to go Lily!
  • James Park and Carson House competed on vault for the first time.


4 thoughts on “JMU Meet Pictures & Highlights

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