Apply to Join the PCG Board!

We’re really excited to bring on new board members this spring! This post is going to explain what positions are open, what they entail, and how the application / election process will work. Although applications aren’t due until January 21, we encourage you to work on your application before the stress of the semester sets in!

The 2012-2013 PCG Board

Timeline for the New Board

  • Winter Break 2012-2013: Team members read through material about the board and fill out applications.
  • January 21, 2013: Applications due at midnight.
  • January 23, 2013: Statements (speeches) and elections for captains at practice
  • January 25-27, 2013: Interviews for appointed positions.
  • January 28, 2013: Appointed positions announced at practice!
  • Spring 2013 semester: The newly-elected/appointed board will join the current board in managing the team. They will not assume responsibility of their roles until fall 2013, but rather general exec board members during the coming semester. This is to make sure everyone is trained and aware of what they need to do next fall. See below for details.
  • Fall 2013 semester: The new board takes control!



The roles listed below are for the 2013-2014 academic cycle (i.e. whoever gets elected Social Chair will take over for Jill in August 2013). In order to make sure that the new board is prepared to take over their new roles in the fall, they will join the current board for spring 2013 as general executive board members. They will be full members of the board in the spring, just without having taken over their roles. As such, they should come to all board meetings, expect responsibilities, and provide input; they will fully participate, not just watch!


Elected vs. Appointed Positions

Some of the positions will be elected and others will be chosen by the current board.

  • Elected: the captain positions, which pertain to the “sport” side of the team, will be elected by the whole team at practice.
  • Appointed: the administrative positions will be selected by the current board because they require certain technical skills (i.e. Communications Director has to be pretty good at social media, WordPress, etc., not just popular with the team). Current board members who have not applied for the position in question will conduct interviews and make selections from January 25-27.

You CAN hold both an appointed (admin) and elected (sport) position. You are welcome to apply for both. However, you cannot hold two admin positions.


Board Responsibilities

As leaders of the team, board members are expected to:

  • Attend all practices on time
  • Attend all social events officially planned by the board
  • Compete in as many meets as possible
  • Attend all weekly board meetings, as well as special meetings for competitions, social events, etc.

There are obviously exceptions for things like midterms the next day, family emergencies, etc., but board members should be prepared to make a commitment to PCG!



  • Only undergraduate students are eligible for board positions.
  • All members of PCG present at practice on January 23, 2013, including graduate students, can vote in the captain elections.
  • Freshmen are welcome to apply to any position.
  • You CAN hold both an elected and an appointed position. In other words, you can be captain and hold an admin position.
  • You CANNOT hold two admin positions at once. If you are interested in more than one position, you are welcome to apply to more than one, but you can only be selected for one. If you apply to more than one, please email Lily to indicate which position you prefer.
  • Even if the position is elected (captain), you still must apply to show your interest.


Available Positions



  • Oversee all aspects of the team, including meets, budget, etc.
  • Coordinate and manage the board.
  • Serve as a liaison with the Sports Club Council (SCC) and PennRec. Attend monthly SCC meetings and schedule and attend all meetings with Mike Reno or Brian Calio.
  • Prepare, defend, and monitor budget with the treasurer.
  • Organize travel with the meet coordinator.
  • Assure that medical emergencies are handled appropriately.
  • Prepare weekly board meeting agendas.
  • Create and organize team apparel – t-shirts, leotards and uniforms, warm-ups, and more.
  • Manage listserv and roster.
  • Anything and everything else!


  • Board member for at least one year before assuming responsibility.
  • Responsible and organized.
  • Proficient with Google Drive



Marketing Chair


  • Lead recruitment efforts during fall and spring semester, including printing flyers, making signs, hosting information sessions, and coordinating the Activities Fair.
  • Maintain website ( by updating roster, meet information, board bios, practice schedule, etc. Add new pages to the website as necessary.
  • Maintain Facebook page ( by monitoring comments, responding to posts, posting blogs and relevance stories, and more.
  • Maintain team Twitter account ( by tweeting certain events (like meets, socials, etc.) and posting blog stories.
  • Maintain the team blog ( Assure that a modified version of all emails sent out to the team listserv are posted on blog with a relevant picture. Post stories and pictures of big team events, including highlights and scores from meets.
  • Manage photos from meets and socials. Sort through pictures from various sources and post on blog and Facebook.
  • Create highlight videos from meets and post on Facebook, Youtube, and the blog.
  • Maintain Youtube channel ( Add new videos from competitions or compilations from practice.


  • Comfortable with WordPress (or willing to learn). No coding involved!
  • Familiar with social media tools – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube!
  • Somewhat experienced with editing videos (for highlights and meet videos).
  • Prepared to work hard at the very beginning of the school year for the Activities Fair!





  • Maintain detailed record of all money spent by Penn Club Gymnastics.
  • Submit budget requests to the Sports Club Council.
  • Submit reimbursements for all money spent by the club. Collect receipts, fill out appropriate forms, and meet with Mike and/or Brian.
  • Apply for special contingency Nationals funding in the spring.
  • Monitor PCG Square and Venmo accounts.
  • Collect money for all events – meets, dues, socials, etc.


  • Comfortable with Google Spreadsheet (just like Excel).
  • Attentive to detail.
  • Very, very responsible! The Account Report must be updated every time the team spends money.
  • Comfortable with Venmo, Square (or willing to learn).



Meet Coordinator


  • Plan annual home meet, Flipadelphia. Email NAIGC and teams, coordinate hotels, reserve the gym, organize meet staff, record scores, coordinate judges, etc.
  • Monitor NAIGC website and suggest meets to participate in during fall and spring semesters.
  • Coordinate one-on-one competitions with local teams by reaching out to teams, reserving judges and space, etc.
  • Plan all travel arrangements for meets including cars, hotels, directions, etc. Work with treasurer to get reimbursements for these expenses.
  • Coordinate Nationals. Maintain contact to NAIGC planning committee, reserve hotel rooms and flights in advance, etc.


  • Board member for at least one year before assuming responsibility.
  • Familiar with NAIGC and meet organization (scoring, rotation schedules, etc.).
  • Comfortable booking travel arrangements including rental cars, hotel, and flights.



Social Chair


  • Plan all social events including team dinners, mixers with other teams, and other events like pizza parties, brunches, and movies.
  • Coordinate social aspect of travel meets.


  • Outgoing!
  • Comfortable reaching out to other teams.



Men’s and Women’s Captains


  • Lead practice – lead stretch, structure events, lead conditioning and clean-up.
  • Assure the safety of everyone in the gym.
  • Structure practices before meets – show routines, do dance-throughs, etc.
  • Decide competition order for competitions.
  • Help coach on beginner days.
  • Choreograph routines (or arrange choreography).
  • Serve as a resource on the USAG/FIG/NAIGC requirements. Help structure routines accordingly.
  • Lead the team at competition – attend captains’ meetings, structure warmup and rotations, etc.
  • Keep team morale high!
  • Men only: Coordinate practices where full men’s equipment is available.
  • Women only: Bring floor music to meets.


  • Comfortable coaching beginners and leading practice.
  • Knowledgeable about requirements. Comfortable with the Code of Points or willing to study it.


Speeches: Those interested in being captain must prepare short speeches for practice on January 23, 2012.


Please let us know if you have any questions at all about the application process! If you are interested in a certain position, we are willing to chat on the phone or meet up at school to discuss our roles in greater detail – just reach out! The board contact information is available here.

Enjoy the rest of break, and get those applications in soon!

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