Fall 2012 Superlative Winners

Thank you to everyone who voted for our fall 2012 superlatives! In case you missed the team dinner at Salento last night, here are the results!

Shoutout to the board for winning the most important award – best (potential) couple! We can’t wait for PCG babies!


Best Potential Gymnastics Couple – Stephanie Golob and James Sui

Team Mom – Jill Schueckler

Most Team Spirit – Joe Yellin and Rachel Bleustein

Most Likely to Rule the World in 15 Years (or Cure Cancer) – Joe Yellin

Most Epic Falls – Jess Pennington

Most Likely to Compete in the 2016 Olympics – Bryan Manning

Looks Innocent…But Isn’t – Jill Schueckler and Bryan Manning

Most Likely to Touch the Equipment – James Park

Unofficial Coach – Joe Yellin

Most Improved – Adam Muncan

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