Boston Meet Highlights and Pictures

PCG had a great time in Boston this weekend!!

112_filteredIMG_0266IMG_9964We have already posted some pictures in a Facebook album and a highlights video. There is a gallery of other photos below! We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Bryan’s grandfather, Dennis Courant, and Rachel Bleustein for these gorgeous pictures.

Scores are posted here.

Competition highlights:

  • PCG men won the team competition! Way to go, boys!
  • Bryan had a great meet; he placed on every event he competed on and won pommels and floor! You can watch all of his routines here
  • James nailed his tsuk – not a single step or jump on his landing. You can see it here (men’s gymnastics fist pumped included). He also got 3rd all-around.
  • Jaime competed her back tuck!!! This is especially awesome because she did it for the first time in years during warmups!
  • Rachel competed for the very first time.
  • Jill hit her beam routine, including her dismount!
  • Adam Muncan competed for the first time since fifth grade and got fifth on vault!


Other highlights:

  • James got two flat tires on the one mile drive from the hotel to the meet. 
  • We got to hang out with Temple Gymnastics Club! So fun!
  • We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. And colored on children’s menus.
  • Ke$ha.


Men’s and women’s team pictures:

IMG_0281IMG_0270And this:


Click through the gallery below to see more pictures, including the ones that aren’t on our Facebook!

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