Final Reminders for BU

I hope everyone is pumped for Boston TONIGHT.

Be at Lily’s house 7:30 pm this evening. Make sure you eat dinner before we leave. We are not providing dinner or stopping for dinner on the way.


What to bring:


Cars and Rooms

to Boston:

  • Car 1 – Lily, Jake, Carson, Jaime
  • Car 2 – Adam, Kevin, Jess, Jill
  • Car 3 – James S., Bryan, James P., Rachel

to Philly:

  • Car 1 – Lily, James P., Kevin, Rachel
  • Car 2 – Adam, Jill, Jaime, Bryan
  • Car 3 – James S., Carson, Jake, Jess

Hotel Rooms

  • Room 1 – Lily, Rachel, Jess, Jaime
  • Room 2 – Jake, Bryan, James P., Carson
  • Room 3 – Jill, Adam, James S., Kevin


NO COMPLAINING OR CHANGING ASSIGNMENTS. They were made to accomodate everyone, put a board member in each car, and switch everyone up to promote team bonding!

See you tonight!

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