Sheet Decorating Tonight – Rodin 7th Floor Lounge at 7pm

The BU Gymnastics team has asked every team to bring a white sheet decorated to represent their team members and school spirit. There is likely going to be a competition involved, so we want to have to most awesome sheet. We will be having a sheet decorating party in the Rodin 7th floor lounge at 7 pm today.

It will be a lot easier and more fun if we have everyone’s help, so please stop by even if you can only stay for a little bit. Also, they want everyone’s hand prints!

We’re getting pizza and snacks, so you can even get free dinner out of this.

These are the guidelines from the BU team:

“PLEASE, if at all possible, have a bed sheet designed with every member’s name on it as a way to show team collectivity; there may or may not be some sort of prize for the best/most original bed sheet. The sheet should also include the year and your school and your school colors.”

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