More Maryland Pictures and Highlights!

Again, a huge congratulations to everyone who competed yesterday at our Maryland meet! We are especially proud of everyone who competed for the first time EVER – Jess, James P., Jake, Colleen, Kevin, Jaime, and Carson. We are so excited to have you on the team!

For some quick highlights:

  • Bryan won both vault and floor. His layout tsuk was flawless. You can watch the vault video here and the floor video here.
  • Jake stuck every pass in his floor routine after not doing gymnastics since middle school. You can watch the video here. He also has almost 50 likes on this video…so keep them coming!
  • Shirley had the most beautiful jumps on beam.
  • AND SO MUCH MORE. Everyone had a great meet, and we are so proud!

We also made a meet video. Katie did an awesome job filming!

And, of course, a HUGE THANKS to Rachel Bleustein for these gorgeous meet shots! Some of our favorites are in this post, but click through the album to seeĀ hundreds more!

Please click through the gallery to see all of our meet pictures!

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