Final Reminders for Maryland Meet

I hope everyone is excited for the meet. Here are some final reminders:

Morning Reminders

  • You MUST be at Lily’s house by 10:15 at the very latest! We be leaving at 10:30…whether you are there or not.
  • You SHOULD be there at 9:30 AM for our team brunch. We will have pancakes (normal, chocolate chip, blueberry), bacon, bagels, and more, as per your requests!
  • -DON’T ring Lily’s doorbell. It’s early, and we don’t want to wake people up. Please text Lily or the GroupMe to get in. Or knock of the door.


What you need to bring

  • Competition leotard (or uniform if you’re a man and don’t want to admit you wear a leotard)
  • Grips or wristguards if you wear them
  • Official PCG navy blue t-shirt
  • Water bottle
  • Scrunchie if you plan on wearing it
  • Other clothes if you don’t plan on wearing your leotard after the meet
  • Meet snacks
  • Money for dinner


Competition Reminds

  • Remember that warm-up time is limited, and you must use it wisely.
  • Remember to salute.
  • Cheer for your teammates!
  • Remember the clothing/appearance requirements: look clean and presentable, no jewelry, no shorts for girls, no bra straps showing, etc.


We expect to be back on campus around 9:30-10:00 but no promises. Traffic sucks.

AND HAVE FUN! This meet is all about having fun, so don’t worry if your routines aren’t perfect (yet)!

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