Meet at the University of Maryland on November 17

UMD Competition Details

Date and Time: November 17, 2:00 PM

Competition: Men and women are both welcome to compete, though men are only able to compete on vault and floor

Travel time: Only about 2.5 hours! This will be a day-trip!

Cost: Free for competitors!

Host team: University of Maryland

Sign up: Click here to fill out the Google Form or use the embedded version below.

On Saturday, November 17th, PCG will be competing in a meet at the University of Maryland! We’ve had great experiences with Maryland in the past and are actually co-hosting this meet. It’s going to be a super-chill meet, just Penn, Maryland, and maybe one other team.

The meet will start at 2 pm, and since it is roughly a 2.5-3 hour drive depending on traffic, we’ll meet around 10:30-11 to leave Penn (the exact time to be decided). It’ll just be a day trip, and we’ll return right after the meet, so we won’t even be getting back too late!

This is a GREAT opportunity to compete this fall! It’s isn’t a time-consuming meet (less than a day!) and it will be SUPER SUPER chill. If you are on the fence about competing, this is the meet to go to. We strongly suggest attending this meet because it will be a great team-bonding experience.

Click here to fill out the Google form if you are interested in competing!

Now, for a list of reasons why you should go to the MD meet:

1. Super chill and laid back and great competition experience

2. Awesome playlists for the car ride (no PCG road trip is complete without t-swift!)

3. Some sort of team dinner on the way home/when we get back will probably occur

4. Steph will bake cookies for whoever comes (to be consumed after the meet)

5. It is the weekend before thanksgiving, so you shouldn’t have too much work

6. Not time-consuming

7. You can rock your new PCG apparel

8. Lily will be performing her new floor routine to “Call Me Maybe”

9. Awesome team bonding experience



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