Date Preferences for Virginia Tech Meet

Right now, we have 10 people signed up (5 men and 5 women). That’s two rooms and two cars. About half of the people want to compete Saturday morning and the other half want to compete Saturday afternoon, which influences the days we travel. Unfortunately, we all have to compete in the same session of the meet, so we need a consensus on this. 

We have three options:

  • Compete Saturday morning — leave Friday afternoon and come back Saturday afternoon (11/2-11/3)
  • Compete Saturday afternoon — leave Saturday early morning and come back Sunday (11/3-11/4)
  • Divide into two travel groups but both compete Saturday morning — in this situation, both cars would leave Friday afternoon, but one car would come back on Saturday and one would come back on Sunday (11/2-11/3 AND 11/2-11/4). If those who want to stay Saturday night are okay with a three-day trip, I think this is the fairest option / accommodates everyone’s schedules the best.


Please rate each of these options on a scale of how convenient – inconvenient or how good – bad it is for you with 1 being the best/most convenient and 5 being the worst/least convenient.

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