PCG T-Shirts and Competition Leos for Fall 2012

T-Shirt and Leo Apparel Package

So we’ve got our Fall T-Shirt and Leotard Apparel Package together! Check it out HERE. It includes pictures of the apparel and prices. If you plan on competing, you must order a t-shirt and a leotard. If you don’t plan on competing, you don’t have to, but we strongly recommend you order a t-shirt. Please fill out this form (it is also embedded below!) by Sunday the 30th at 10 pm. We need to get our leotards in time to compete, so we have to order the apparel soon. Plus we can’t wait to get our new PCG t-shirts in so we can wear them around!

8 thoughts on “PCG T-Shirts and Competition Leos for Fall 2012

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