How to Get to Levy Tennis Pavilion

Because Hutch is under renovation, we will be practicing in Levy Tennis Pavilion this year. Unfortunately, it is a little complicated to get to. Here are our instructions! 


Walk down to Shoemaker Green – the DRL, Hutchinson gymnasium, Franklin Field area on 33rd St. You will need to walk in the space between Hutchinson Gymnasium and Franklin Field (where the Fox Gym and Weiss Education Commons are). There is a pedestrian bridge that leads to PennPark. Walk across this pedestrian bridge then down the stairs on your right (as soon as you cross the bridge). Levy Tennis Pavilion is the large white/pastel colored building on your left you cross the bridge, directly in front of you at the bottom of the stairs. Walk toward the main entrance and parking lot of Levy Tennis Pavilion. The fields and Center City should be on your right as your walk toward in Levy. Once in Levy, please ask the front desk staff for directions to the gymnastics equipment. 

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